The Heel of the Month Award was started in 1993 to honor one or more THSCC members each month for his/her recent outstanding driving or for recognition of some special or notable action recently performed either within the club or outside of the club. Each monthly recipient would put his or her special "mark" on the Heel and returns it at the next monthly meeting for presentation to the next recipient. At the club's year-end party, the decorated Heel was awarded for keeps to a recipient deemed especially deserving of the award. From 1993 until his death in 2002, long-time THSCC member Gene Miller made a new award each year. For a period of time since 1993, long-time member Neal (Neal Bob) Harrington still wired its flashing toes. More recently Rodney White has been designing the Heel of the Year award. As of 2023, each heel of the month receives a THSCC keychain.

Heel of the Month Recipients



January: -none-
February: Jasper Pollard
March: Clarence Brewer & Robby Helms
April: Jack Pullen
May: Lauren Marcus
June: Dick Sossomon
July: Jackson McCutchen
August: Randy Snider
September: Sameer Thadani
October: Matt Nowzari
November: Taylor Schumann
Heels of the year: The Pattersons


January: Sean Foley
February: Anthony Guarnieri
March: Chad Culbertson
April: Charlie Guthrie
May: Steven Johnson
Heel of the year:


January:Brian Reilly
February: -none-
March: Susan Lansbury
April: Guang Ming Qui
May: Brian Nichols
June: Duane Black
July: Ricky Beam
August: Marcus & Joseph Patterson, Hannah Richardson, Chris Hoch
September: Lauren Marcus
October: Abigail Higgins, Cody & Dan Woolverton
November: Steven Spampinato
Heel of the year:


February: Mike Miller
March: Michael Byrne
April: Alex Chapman
May: Randy Snider
June: Marcus and Joseph Patterson
July: Duane Black
August: Charlie Guthrie
September: Conner Placer
October: Phil Antoine
Heel of the year:


April: Charlie Guthrie
May: Josh Fowler
June: Anthony Sevigny
July: Steve Johnson
August: Jon Harbaugh
October: Guangming Cui
Heel of the year: Denise Craig


January: Maria Mayorga
February: Ira Richman
March: Joelle
April: Denise Craig
May: Fred
September: Ricky Beam
Heel of the year:

2017   2018
January: Rob Keehner   January:  Tom Middleton
February: George Paraskeevas   February:  Lee & Pat Williams
March: Ricky Beam   March:  Ethan Steinman
April: Carlton Whitehead   April: Chris Peterson
May: James Parascandola   May: Miguel Angel Diaz
June: Nikolay Milovanov   June: George Paraskeevas
July: Elizabeth Chan   July:  Mary Oppy
August: Randy Howell   August:  Milton Datta  
September: Bart Craig   September:  Herby Handcock  
October: John Joyner   October: Vanessa & Ray
November:  Shannon Steagall   November:  Ricky Beam
Heel of the Year:  Pete Guthrie   Heel of the Year:  

2015   2016
January: Tristan McBride   January:  Lee & Pat Williams
February: Rodney Wright   February:  Matt McGrain
March: Jordan Normark   March:  Jordan Best
April: Charlie Guthrie   April:  Peter Guthrie
May: Derek DeLong   May:  Bart Craig
June: Jennifer Bedell & Chris Peterson   June:

 Maria Mayorga & Andrew Pallotta "Maylotta"

July: Ricky Beam   July:  Nathan Miller & Drew Sheffield
August: Zach Williams   August:  Matthew Ryan
September: Francis Chan   September:  Ryan Thompson
October: Roger McDaniels   October:  Rodney Wright
November:  Francis Chan   November: Art McDonald's Mom
Heel of the Year:  Ricky Beam   Heel of the Year:  

2013   2014
January:     January:  Carlton WhiteHead
February:     February: Aaron DeLong 
March:     March: Miles Beam 
April:     April: Mark Barnes 
May:     May: Patrice Bousquet 
June:     June: Ricky Beam 
July:     July: Vincent Keene 
August:     August: Rob Keehner 
September:     September: Rich Anderson 
October:     October: Aaron Skolnik 
November:     November: Roger McDaniels 
Heel of the Year:     Heel of the Year: Ricky Beam 

2011   2012
January: Richard Casto   January:  
February: Rob Harvey   February:  
March: Keith Strassel   March:  
April: Carl & Emmie Fisher   April:  
May: Dustin Fredrickson   May:  
June:     June:  
July:     July:  
August:     August:  
September:     September:  
October:     October:  
November:     November:  
Heel of
the Year:
 Gwen Habenicht   Heel of
the Year:

2009   2010
January: Mark Vitacco   January: Chris Suich
February: Rob Harvey   February: Mark Cooper
March: Mike Whitney   March: Kendt Ecklund
April: Team Dorifto Dogs   April: Rob Lupella
May: Jeb Brookshire   May: Jennifer Bedell
June: Gwen Baake   June: Bernie Baake
July: Stephen Westerfield   July: Mary Johnson
August: Jason Tower   August: Judi Westerfield
September: Charlie & Pete Guthrie   September: Kevin Allen
October: Mike Dishman   October: Michael Czeiszperger
November: Brice Johnson   November: Don Ingerslew
Heel of
the Year:
Stephen Westerfield   Heel of
the Year:
Vincent Keene

2007   2008
January:     January: Amy Mindick
February: Vincent Keene   February: Malia Fredrickson &
Gary Hill
March: Rodney Wright   March: Art McDonald
April: Walter Houston   April: Phil Fausz
May: Chuck & Ashleigh Nelson   May: Don Ingerslew
June: Wes Eargle   June: Ashleigh Nelson
July: Brad & Sharon Mackey   July: Kevin Butler
August: Michael Westerfield   August: Keith Quistorff
September: Carl's Old Neon   September: Steve Blalock
October: Lance Pickup   October: Kevin Allen
November: David Spratte   November: Rub Lupella
Heel of
the Year:
Brad Mackey   Heel of
the Year:
Malia Fredrickson

2005   2006
January: Todd Breakey   January: Gwen & Bernie Baake
February: Mike Whitney   February: Stacy King
March: Tonya Mauldin   March: Eric Peterson
April: John King   April: Wes Eargle
May: Rob Harvey   May: Cosby Wood
June: Stephen Westerfield   June: Les Davis
July: Rob Lupella   July: Mitch Moore
August: Amy Mindick   August: Mike Whitney
September: Joe Dobner   September: Jim Pastorius
October: Brian Herring   October: Todd Breakey
November: Ron Spencer   November: David Spratte
Heel of
the Year:
Vincent Keene   Heel of
the Year:
Stephen Westerfield

2003   2004
January: Matt Graham   January: Graham & Ann Jagger
February: Tom Hoppe   February: Christine Allen
March: Carl & Mary E. Fisher   March: Mark Cooper
April: Sonya Rouse   April: Vincent Keene
May: Kevin Allen   May: Eric Peterson
June: Chris Peterson   June: Dustin Fredrickson
July: Jim Feinberg   July: Chris Brown
August: Diane Hall   August: Anders Green
September: Jim Williams   September: Miles Beam
October: Joel Heywood   October: Jason Mauldin
November: Phil Fausz   November: Aaron Buckley
Heel of
the Year:
Bowie Gray, Sr.   Heel of
the Year:
Kevin Allen

2001   2002
January: Carl Fisher   January: Charles Wolthusen
February: Scott Johnson   February: Jack Hall
March: Matt Nicholson   March: John Mullis
April: Bowie Gray Sr.   April: Tom Hoppe
May: Penny Vitacco   May: Gene Miller
June: Les Davis   June: Shawn Whipple
July: Todd Heskamp   July: Garry Minarcine
August: Diane Melton   August: Jim Pastorius
September: Charlene Pastorius   September: Steve Pierce
October: Martha Caves   October: Kent Young
November: Sally Johnson   November: Vincent Keene
Heel of
the Year:
Mark Musser   Heel of
the Year:
Jim Pastorius

1999   2000
January: not awarded   January: Mary E. Fisher
February: Chuck Rothfuss   February: Anders Green
March: Karl Shultz   March: Brad Mackey
April: Ron Spencer   April: Vincent Keene
May: Diane Nicholson   May: Shawn Whipple
June: Bill McCanless   June: Mark Senior
July: James Baum   July: Mark Vitacco
August: Mark Musser   August: Mike Whitney
September: Dan Ecclestone   September: Jim Pastorius
October: Eric Peterson   October: Maurice Parker
November: Les Davis   November: Aaron Buckley
Heel of
the Year:
Miles Beam   Heel of
the Year:
Mark Vitacco

1997   1998
January: Bowie Gray, Sr.   January: Blair Stitt
February: Tom Fulton   February: Karl Shultz
March: James and Sue Farmer   March: James Farmer
April: Neal Harrington   April: Ed Gelston
May: Bill Gratton   May: Mary E. Daniel
June: Shawn Whipple   June: Mike Dishman
July: Thomas Lackey   July: Diane Nicholson
August: Eric Peterson   August: Miles Beam
September: ???   September: Jonathan Roberts
October: Kenneth Melton   October: Art McDonald
November: Rob Falkner   November: Karl Kauffman
Heel of
the Year:
Carl Fisher   Heel of
the Year:
Steve Blalock

1995   1996
January: Gene Miller   January: Blair Stitt
February: Karl Kauffman   February: Ron Spencer
March: John & Georgianne Mullis
Arthur Hunt
  March: Chris Schimmel
April: Steve Sherman   April: Mark Vitacco
May: Bowie Gray, Jr.   May: Steve Blalock
June: Mark Senior   June: Kelly Harrington
July: Corinne Dunn   July: Mark Senior
August: Dave Blum   August: David Stone
September: Carl Fisher   September: Mary E. Daniel
October: John Messenheimer, Jr.   October: Oscar White
November: Art McDonald   November: Carla Ball
Heel of
the Year:
David Dunn   Heel of
the Year:
Jim Anderson

1993   1994
January: not awarded   January: Tracy Huneycutt
February: not awarded   February: Howie & Lisa Lyhte
March: not awarded   March: Chip Stabler
April: David Dunn   April: Steve Blalock
May: William Huneycutt   May: Mary E. Daniel
June: Ed Harrington   June: Bill Gratton
July: Ron Spencer   July: Neal Harrington
August: Sybyl Villard   August: Mike Orth
September: David Helwig
Kelly Harrington
  September: Ed Gelston
October: Karl Kauffman
Kathy Tew
  October: Charles Wolthusen
November: Jim Anderson   November: Duane Taylor
Heel of
the Year
Mike Dishman   Heel of
the Year
Kathy Morris