A RallyCross® is very much like an autocross held on an unpaved surface, usually a field or gravel parking lot. Like autocross, RallyCross® is a precision driving event during which the driver races against the clock, not against another competitor wheel-to-wheel (see What is an Autocross? for more information on autocross). RallyCross® does not require a navigator, nor does it require a specially prepared vehicle. Just about any vehicle either with a fixed roof or a convertible with SCCA Solo 1 approved roll bar may be used. Please note that some of our sites are limited to Street Tires only, due to the soft nature of the surface. Please see our Street Tire definition for specifics in those cases.

The other major difference between autocross and RallyCross® is that in RallyCross®, a competitor's final score is the sum of all their runs (including penalties), as opposed to their single best time, as in autocross. So hitting a single cone on one run adds 2 seconds of penalty to a driver's final score. As a result RallyCross® rewards a more consistent performance, and competitors going "all out" on every run take a substantial risk of incurring penalties.

That's not to say that RallyCross® is less exciting than autocross! Unlike autocross, where getting the car sideways is almost guaranteed to be slower, the lower traction on a RallyCross® course allows (and even encourages) competitors to carry slides through corners. It's quite addictive!

RallyCross® is becoming very popular now in the U.S., and THSCC has a full season of events scheduled. We have several RallyCross® sites available to us, but we can always use more! If you or anyone you know has some vacant farmland or fields, please contact our Rallycross VPs with details.