Announcing the Tarheel Sports Car Club High Performance Driving School Series


The Tarheel Sports Car Club will again be bringing you some of the East coast's premiere high performance driver's education events. Using some of the Southeast's best road course facilities you will be able to experience the thrill of learning to drive your performance vehicle on a true purpose-built racetrack safely, and with world-class instruction that will make you a better driver both on and off the track.

The 'bread and butter' of our program is our driving school, also known as high-performance driver education, or HPDE. Here you will be grouped with other drivers of similar experience and skill level - even if you have never done anything like this before, we have a place for you. We pride ourselves on having some of the top in-car and in-class instruction available. Each driver will have one-on-one in-car instruction, and each run group will have its own classroom session tailored for the appropriate experience level. Most event weekends consist of four 25-30 minute on-track sessions each day, with classroom sessions mixed in between the run groups. Our schedule allows for breaks between each to debrief with your instructor, relax, and/or work on your car as needed. Our events are low-key and laid back, but organized in such a way as to minimize excessive down time for anyone.

Our number one concern is that you have a fun but safe experience with us. We've taken some measures to help ensure this. We don't do things 'like every other club'. Listed below are some key things to know before signing up for our events:

  • An independent mechanic must inspect your car. This should be done using our annual tech inspection form before your first event with us each season.
  • All drivers must wear a helmet that has been Snell certified as SA2010 or SA2015. We do not accept M-rated helmets or ANY helmet older than 2010.
  • All convertibles and removable top cars must have approved roll-over protection.
  • Before each event, you will be given a copy of our complete rules and procedures.
  • Registration for all our events is handled through MotorsportReg.com

Questions? Contact: Derek DeLong and Stephen Westerfield (trackadmin@thscc.com)