1. Arrival Time 7. Run Groups
2. Speed Limit on the Site 8. Staging Vehicles to Run
3. Tech Inspection 9. Working the Event
4. Registration 10. Picking Up the Course
5. Car Class/Number Display 11. Leave NO TRASH
6. Drivers' Meeting 12. Have Fun!
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  THSCC Registration is usually open from 8:30am-9:30am the day of the event. However, you should check the Calendar for the particular event to verify the time. You must be registered by the time Registration closes; if you are not, (1) you may be permitted to register, but you will be charged a late fee--please do not ask for an exemption or (2) you may not be permitted to register.
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  Once on the site, your speed in and around the pit area MUST be walking speed whenever you are not on course. Anyone doing tire warm-ups or speeding, for any reason, anywhere on the site other than the course will be asked to leave.
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  Your vehicle must have a technical inspection by one of the THSCC Tech Inspectors. If you have an "Annual Tech" sticker, your car should receive an event-day tech sticker at the gate upon entry. For all others, THSCC now uses a "Tech Station", a specific location to which you will bring your car for the technical inspection. Look for the "TECH" sign. To prepare for your tech inspection, you should:
bullet  Remove ALL unattached items from your vehicle (including items in your trunk).
bullet  Bring your car to the indicated Tech Station to be teched.
bullet  If you are changing tires, you should do this prior to tech so that the Tech Inspector can check that the wheels are securely fastened.
A Tech Inspector will check your vehicle for minimum safety requirements (e.g. battery secure, brake pedal has resistance, etc.) and mark your windshield with some form of "tech sticker".
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  Everyone must visit the bus to register!!

At Registration you will:

Outside the bus at the Novice/Competitors' Table:
bullet  Sign the waiver and get a wristband indicating that you have done so.
(Note: Any spectators/crew/friends who are at the event with you must also sign the insurance waiver to remain on site.)
bullet  Select the heat you prefer to work and sign up for your worker assignment.
bullet  Get help classing your car if you don't already know its class. You should ask one of the workers at the table to help you so that you will be ready with the correct information when you enter the bus to register.
Inside the bus:
bullet  Check in with the Registrar(s) to confirm your presence and pay the event fee.
bullet  Receive a car class/number verification slip. It is imperative that you check the car class/number shown on the slip and verify that these are the EXACT letters and numbers you have, or will have, on your vehicle. If any car class/number information is incorrect, you should resolve changes with the Registrar(s) immediately. Failure to properly affix the EXACTletters and numbers, which are shown on the slip, to your vehicle in the appropriate locations is likely to result in you not receiving your run times, as we will not be able to determine who you are. Insuring correctness is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!
Back outside the bus at the Novice/Competitors' Table:
bullet  If you do not already have correct properly sized permanent car class letters and numbers, you may obtain temporary paper ones to affix to your vehicle . We occasionally also have magnetic material available for purchase from which you can cut properly sized class letters and numbers. Due to visibility issues for scoring, THSCC NO LONGER ALLOWS CAR CLASS LETTERING AND NUMBERING WITH SHOE POLISH.
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  Affix a set of your verified and appropriate size car class/numbers to both the driver's door and the passenger's door. Your car class/numbers must be clearly visible on both sides of your vehicle to the Starter and all course workers. THSCC NO LONGER ALLOWS CAR CLASS LETTERING AND NUMBERING WITH SHOE POLISH. If you have not yet purchased magnetic (or "cling" for fiberglass-body cars) class letters and numbers, print 2 paper copies of your class and 2 paper copies of your numbers to bring with you to the event. Be sure to bring a roll of masking or painter's tape with you, also, to use to affix your paper class/numbers.
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  There is a mandatory Drivers' Meeting between the time Registration closes and runs begin. The usual time is 9:45am. However, you should check the Calendar for the particular event to verify the time. Among other things covered at the Drivers' Meeting will be any changes to the ususal THSCC event procedures and informational announces. The Meeting is also a time for you to ask any questions you may have concerning the event.
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THSCC runs a variety of run groups based on the venue, course, and turn out. It can vary from 4 run groups, 2 split run groups, or 3 run groups

Should there be a need at any event to change the classes running in a group, the change will be announced at the Drivers' Meeting.

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  THSCC uses a 2-line grid system to stage cars for runs.
Grid Line A is for
bullet  drivers who are scheduled to work the following heat or
bullet  2-driver vehicles; the first driver should stage in Grid Line A and take his/her runs, then stage the vehicle in Grid Line B for the second driver.
Grid Line B is for
bullet  drivers who are not scheduled to work the following heat or
bullet  the second driver of a 2-driver vehicle.
Heat 1 drivers who should be gridded in Line A should grid their vehicles prior to the Drivers' Meeting so that they will be ready to start the event as soon as the Drivers' Meeting ends and workers are at their stations.
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  ALL competitors must work during the event. For example:
bullet  If you are in Run Group 1, you MUST WORK Heat 2 or 4.
bullet  If you are in Run Group 2, you MUST WORK Heat 1 or 3.
THSCC has two Worker Coordinators; one for Group 1 drivers and one for Group 2 drivers. Coordinators will be pointed out during the Drivers' Meeting, as will a designated location for you to meet with your Coordinator to check in to work. 

Worker heat and station selections are on a on a first-come-first-served basis. 1/2 of the worker pool must work the morning heats and the other 1/2 must work the afternoon heats. 

You MUST check in with your Worker Coordinator prior to working to receive your worker assignment and to get your name checked off of the worker list. At the end of the event, ANY COMPETITOR WHO DOES NOT HAVE HIS/HER NAME CHECKED OFF OF THE WORKER LIST BY A COORDINATOR WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE EVENT.

If you are assigned to be a course worker, please review the back of the car class/number verification slip you received at Registration for information on what is and what is not a penalty.

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  Before trophies are awarded after the event, THSCC's policy is to retrieve all cones from the course and pack all equipment back into the bus. While your participation in this activity is not required, it will certainly be appreciated. This is not a designated worker assignment, so all volunteers are welcome.
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  Please do not leave any trash at the site. The THSCC policy is that "if you had room to bring it, you have room to take it back". If you see a competitor leaving something, please remind him/her of the same. And, finally, if you see any orphaned trash, please give it a proper home. Leaving a site cleaner and neater than we found it helps to keep our site providers happy.
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  THSCC welcomes you to our event and we thank you for abiding by our Event-Day Requirements. We hope that you have a fun day of play with Tarheel Sports Car Club's family and friends!