Car Class Letter and Number Specifications

last revised 3/14/2005

After deliberation, the THSCC senior officers concluded that many of our scoring difficulties were due to bad car class and number information. To reduce this problem, THSCC REQUIRES SCCA®-compliant CAR CLASS LETTERS AND NUMBERS.

The SCCA® rules basically say:

  • ALL cars must have class letters and numbers on both sides of the car;
  • numbers must be a minimum 8 inches high and use a 1.25 inch wide stroke;
  • class letters may be smaller, usually 4 inches high;
  • letters and numbers shall be of a contrasting color to the car color;
    (hint: red letters/numbers don't contrast with a black car)
  • numbers and letters may be of magnetic material, tape, or a large white paper label with thick black marker on it, as long as the above rules apply. Note that SHOE POLISH ON YOUR WINDOWS WILL NO LONGER BE ALLOWED.
    THSCC will make an exception for those of you who are already using numbers that are slightly smaller than the specification.

If you not running in Novice (NOV) Class and have not already purchased magnetic (or cling, for you fiberglass types) car class and numbers, please read about using paper class/numbers with tape and then print the class/numbers that you need. THSCC will no longer provide free paper numbers and tape to non-NOV competitors at events. You can print paper classes here and paper numbers here. Be sure to bring a roll of masking or painter's tape with you, also, to use to affix your paper class/numbers. We may also occasionally have a limited selection of magnetic letters and numbers available FOR SALE at some events.

If you have been postponing buying those numbers, order them now! American Sign Shops in NW Raleigh on Hwy 70 offers a 15% THSCC member discount on magnetic letters and numbers:

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