The purpose of Annual Technical Inspection is to ensure each and every vehicle entered in a Tarheel Sports Car Club event is thoroughly inspected on a lift, once each season, by someone other than the owner and/or driver. Annual Tech will help ensure that the vehicle is track-worthy enough to last a typical track event weekend. Breakdowns are both dangerous and disruptive to the event and can be minimized by performing normal preventative maintenance. Critical systems, such as suspension, brakes, steering and cooling, should be well maintained and in serviceable  condition  when  the  vehicle  is  presented  for  annual  tech.    Fully serviceable condition is defined as a component that is expected to perform its intended function for the current track season or calendar year. It is recommended the owner/driver have a shop manual on hand to verify service wear limits.  The Annual Inspection sticker will only be issued to vehicles inspected in the manner described in this document

THSCC Tech Forms must be completely and properly filled out, including the shop stamp or business card at the bottom of the second page, prior to any issuance of a tech inspection sticker for any HPDE event.

Any non-OEM modifications or components must be secure and not interfere with safe operation of the vehicle.  It is the sole responsibility of the owner and driver to ensure, at all times, the safety and suitability of their vehicle for high-speed track events. Persons performing the inspection are not responsible for the condition of the vehicle or the actions of its driver. The Driver must sign the statement at the bottom of the Tech form acknowledging the above statement before the inspector stamps or signs the tech form. This guide and requirement are NOT a guarantee against serious injury or death to those involved in an HPDE event in any capacity.


Where applicable, the SCCA General Competition Rules (GCR), SCCA Time Trial Safety Level 2 Rules, NASA Club Codes and Regulations (CCR), or Department of Transportation requirements are referenced.  Links to detailed drawings and safety equipment installation documentation have been included to aid in the proper installation and verification of non-factory supplied equipment.

If you have questions about the Tech Inspection process, please reach out to