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We can't imagine why you'd want to leave, but if you do, we've found a lot of interesting places you can visit. Thanks for dropping by, and if you own a page or know of one that should be here, let us know!

bullet Club Sponsors & Supporters
   THSCC has sponsors & supporters offering preferred customer or THSCC member discounts on a variety of products. Check our Sponsors page before you buy; and remember to tell them that THSCC sent you!
bullet General Car Club Links
(see Car Brand Links for clubs related to specific makes & models)
bullet Driving Instruction
bullet Driving Legalities (or illegalities!) & Traffic Information
bullet Forums
bullet Members' Sites
bullet Publications
bullet Race Wear, Parts, & Equipment
bullet Tires
bullet Tracks
bullet Vintage
bullet Other Motorsports Links
bullet Car Brand Links (including clubs related to specific makes & models)
 General Car Club Links top
bullet NCAC (North Carolina Autocross Championship)
bullet CCR (Central Carolina Region - SCCA)
bullet Highlands Sports Car Club
bullet Triad Sports Car Club
bullet BRR (Blue Ridge Region - SCCA)
bullet DC Rally (Washington DC Region - SCCA)
bullet NASA-VR (National Auto Sport Association - Virginia Region)
bullet ODR (Old Dominion Region - SCCA)
bullet SCCA (Sports Car Club of America)
bullet Tidewater Sports Car Club
bullet VMSC (Virginia Motor Sport Club)
bullet Hemmings Motor News Car Club Search
 Driving Instruction top
bullet Car Guys, Inc.
bullet Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving
bullet Evolution Performance Driving School
bullet Skip Barber
bullet Team O'Neil Rally School
 Driving Legalities (or illegalities!) & Traffic Information top
bullet Marcus Hill, Attorney at Law
bullet Dave Williams, Attorney at Law
bullet NC DMV (NC Dept. of Motor Vehicles)
bullet NC DOT (NC Dept. of Transportation)
bullet NC Driver License Points
bullet NC Road Conditions
bullet Speed Trap Exchange
bullet Traffic Cameras in the Triangle
bullet Valentine One
 Forums top
bullet Special Stage
 Members' Sites top
bullet Bill & Mark's Excellent Adventure
bullet East Coast Honda Challenge
bullet Kevin Allen Racing Photography
bullet Lina Racing
bullet Carolina Rallysport
 Publications top
bullet AutoWeek
bullet British Car  The American Magazine for British Car Enthusiasts
bullet Car and Driver
bullet Car Talk
bullet Grassroot Motorsports
bullet Kelley Blue Book
bullet Motor Trend
bullet National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (recall database, crash tests, etc.)
bullet Performance VW
bullet Secrets of Solo Racing
 Race Wear, Parts, & Equipment top
bullet Bell
bullet Bilstein
bullet (OE parts, performance parts, accessories)
bullet Corbeau
bullet Hard Dog Fabrication
bullet Hawk Performance
bullet Koni
bullet Quaife
bullet RaceQuip
bullet RaceTech
bullet Racer Wholesale
bullet Red Line Oil
bullet Simpson
bullet Snell Memorial Foundation (the helmet safety certification people)
bullet SoloRacer
bullet Teague's Auto (Boxer4Racing) Specializing in New and Used Parts for Subarus
bullet Tokico
 Tires top
bullet Colony Tire
bullet Sturdivant's Tire and Auto
bullet BFGoodrich
bullet Hoosier
bullet Kumho
bullet Tire Rack
bullet Yokohama
 Tracks top
bullet Carolina Motorsports Park
bullet Lowe's Motor Speedway
bullet Nürburgring
bullet Road Atlanta
bullet Roebling Road Raceway
bullet Summit Point Raceway
bullet Virginia International Raceway
bullet Watkins Glen
 Vintage top
bullet Classic Cars & Rods
bullet Serious Wheels Classic, Sports & Muscle Cars
bullet SVRA (Sportscar Vintage Racing Association)
 Other Motorsports Links top
bullet Rally America
bullet NASA RallySport
bullet Ben's Rally Page (archive only)
bullet NASA Mid Atlantic
bullet Champ Car World Series (Championship Auto Racing Teams)
bullet FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile)
purveyors of the World Rally Championship & Formula 1, the "Kindergarten of Millionaires"
bullet The Group B Era The story of Group B rally cars.
bullet Indy Racing League
bullet NASCAR
bullet One Lap of America
bullet SARRC (South Atlantic Road Racing Championship)
bullet SEDiv Club Rally
bullet Speed Channel
bullet SVRA (Sportscar Vintage Racing Association)
bullet WRC (FIA World Rally Championship)
 Car Brand Links top
bullet Acura
   Acura Division of Amercian Honda Motor Company, Inc. (corporate site)
   G2IC (Second Generation Integra Club)
   Integra Type R Club of America
   The Temple of VTEC
bullet Alfa Romeo
   Mid-Atlantic Alfa Romeo Club
bullet AMC
   Team AMX
   Kurt-Bob Spitzner says "check it out." The mind boggles.
bullet Audi
   Audi (corporate site)
   Audi Club of North America
   Audi Forums
bullet British Cars (Jaguar, MG, Triumph, & the likes)
   British Car Links
   Classic British Cars
   Flying Circus English Cars - right over in Durham
bullet BMW
   BMW of North America (corporate site)
   BMW Car Club of America
bullet Chrysler
   DaimlerChrysler (corporate site)
   Neon Central
   Neon Enthusiasts
   Viper Club of America
bullet Citroën
   Citroën Concours of America
   Citroën Sport in the World (including WRC)
bullet Ford
   Ford Motor Company (corporate site) - THE Late Model Mustang Website
   Fairlane Club of America
   Ford RallyeSport
   Vintage Mustang
bullet General Motors
   General Motors (corporate site)
   CORSA (Corvair Society of America)
   Corvette Club of America
   Corvette Internet
   F-Body Organization
   Second Generation Camaro Owners Group
   SLP Engineering (producers of GM niche vehicles)
   Triangle Area Club Grand Prix
   Worldwide Camaro Association
bullet Honda
   American Honda Motor Company (corporate site)
   CRX Owners Club
   The Prelude Crazy
   The Temple of VTEC
bullet Mazda (corporate site)
   MazdaSpeed Club
   Mazda Trix
bullet Mini
   MiniUSA (corporate site)
   The Mini WWW Directory
bullet Mitsubishi / Diamond Star
   Mitsubishi Motors (corporate site)
   Club DMS
   Diamond Star Specialists
   Diamond Star Motors Products
bullet Opel
   Opel (corporate site)
   The Opel Association of North America
bullet Peugeot
   Peugeot (corporate site)
   Peugeot Clubs
   Peugeot Motorsport UK (including WRC)
bullet Porsche
   Porsche (corporate site)
   Porsche Club of America
bullet Saab
   Saab Automobile (corporate site)
   The Saab Network
   SaabClub of North America
bullet Subaru
   Subaru (corporate site) North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club
   Petter Solberg WRC Champ Subaru driver
   Subaru Global
   Subaru Rally Team USA
   Subaru World Rally Team
bullet Volkswagen
   Volkswagen (corporate site)
   VW Auto Part Wholesale
   VW Clubs
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