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Gene Sterling Miller
Gene at Rocky Mount
Long-time THSCC member and "favorite son", Gene Miller, passed away on October 9, 2002, after a lengthy illness. He was 63 years old.

     Gene Sterling Miller, a native of Manila, Ark, served in the United States Air Force and later worked at the Holiday Inn of Goldsboro. He is survived by his wife, Susanna "Susy" Baumgartner Miller; three sons and daughters-in-law, John and Pam Jackson Miller, Marcus and Michele Miller, and David and Michel Miller of Franklinton; two brothers, James Miller and Mark Miller, two sisters, Lavonne Pelton and Ida Sander; and two grandchildren, Lauren and Ryan Miller. He had twin grandchildren on the way at the time of his death.
     The family requests that memorial contributions be made to

Known affectionately to the "older generation" THSCC members as "Geritol Gene" or "Mean Gene" (though there wasn't a mean bone in his body), Gene was a fierce autocross competitor, as anybody who competed with him over the years in C-Stock, C-Street Prepared, or F-Prepared can attest. He enjoyed on-track events and became an instructor in THSCC's track school program. Gene immensely enjoyed the annual THSCC golf tournament, which became known as the "Gene Miller Electric Vehicle Challenge" starting in 1998.

Gene was a big supporter of THSCC in many ways. As an avid woodworker, every year he made a new Heel-of-the-Month trophy for the club. And in 2002, he made the grid lane markers, completing them after receiving the diagnosis of his illness. He wrote poems, one of which only used words starting with the letter "T", as in Tarheel! He wrote songs about THSCC. He towed the equipment trailer to events, and sometimes made "safety" runs with his pickup truck. When Gene designed a course, there wasn't one cone left over. He made innumerable fun runs. But, above all, Gene always had time to help his friends.

Perhaps Gene summed it up best, in his submission to the 2000 THSCC Directory:

"Aha! Time to blow my own horn -- FTD in the rain on R1s. Did 360 spin in a busy Hardee's parking lot with Tarheel witnesses (priceless). Designer of the Official THSCC Flag and author of the Official THSCC Anthem. Believed to be the All-Time Record Holder for Most Fun Runs. Believed to be the oldest active autocrosser in the Club, perhaps the universe!"
Rest assured, friend, we will burn some rubber for you.
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