How Permanent Numbers for Autocross Work

Please read carefully before registering.
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Permanent Numbers are for Tarheel members only!

VERY IMPORTANT ! -- What makes this system work?
The whole system (permanent numbers and online preregistration) is based on driver's license state and driver's license number (Why?). It is critical, especially when you first sign up for a permanent number, that you enter this information correctly. If you make a typo, you'll have to enter it the same wrong way every time from then on. If you don't know what your mistake was, your entry will be "lost"; you will neither be able to delete it nor reserve that number again because your "wrong" driver's license information will have it reserved.

How do I get a permanent number?
It's easy, just fill out the permanent number form (fields with a red asterisk ( * ) are required) and click on Add My Info. Assuming it's all OK and that what you selected has not been previously assigned, you will be given the class/number combination you entered.

How do I use my permanent number to preregister online for events?
Once you have a permanent number, you only have to enter your driver's license info on the Online Preregistration form, select the event, and click Submit PreregistrationYou don't need to fill out the whole form for every event! The prereg form will automatically take the rest of the information it needs from your permanent number file. This is why it is imperative that you keep your permanent number information up-to-date!If you should want to use different information at a particular event (for example, if you'll be driving a different car or using different tires) all you have to do is fill out only the fields that are different - any fields you leave blank will be filled in from your permanent number info. Of course, any new class/car number you choose will still have to be checked to make sure it doesn't conflict with anyone else's entry and that you haven't chosen someone else's permanent number. 

How do I change my permanent number information?
If at some point some of your information changes (for example, if you move or get a different car), you should go to the permanent number signup form and change your information there, click on Update My Info, and the new information will be used for all future events. You fill in only the information that is changing - any fields you leave blank will be left unchanged.

If you should change your driver's license state and number, because this information is currently your unique identifier in the permanent number file, you should delete your permanent number using your old driver's license state and number. Then create a new Permanent Number file entry using your new driver's license state and number.

Please keep your Permanent Number information up-to-date -- including your email address!!!

We use email to to disseminate critical event information to preregistered entrants.

How do I remove/delete my permanent number information?
If you should change your driver's license state and number or, at some point you decide that you won't be competing regularly at our autocross events, we would appreciate your freeing up the permanent number you reserved. To do so, just go to the Permanent Number Registration page, enter your driver's license state and number, and click the Delete My Info button at the bottom of the Permanent Number Registration page. Your information will be deleted from the file.

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