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2015 Club Officers & Staff
Send Email President Zach Hill 919-404-9224
Send Email Autocross V.P.s Brice Johnson
Derek DeLong
Send Email Rally/Rallycross V.P.s Charles Lankford 919-522-4088
Send Email HPDE (Track) Schools V.P. Stephen Westerfield 919-522-4376
Send Email Treasurer Bowie Gray, Sr. 252-243-2296
Send Email Mgr. Busi. Development Dustin Fredrickson  
Send Email Site Search Coordinators Derek DeLong
Brice Johnson
Send Email Secretary Steven Spampinato  
Send Email Newsletter Editor/Publisher Kolu Roth  
  Sergeant at Arms Charlie Guthrie  
Send Email Keepers of the Bus Roger McDaniels
Ricky Beam
Send Email Chief of Timing and Scoring Carlton Whitehead  
Send Email Members at Large Jordan Wright
Art McDonald
Brice Johnson
Mass Communications
Send Email Forums Administrator Richard Casto
Zach Hill
Send Email

Carl Fisher, Programmer/Tech.
Emmie Fisher, Design & Maint.

Noah Fleming, Site Development

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