Please join me in welcoming the club officers & staff for the 2018 season! 

Club Officers

Club President - Maria Mayorga
Taking it by a landslide with over 90% of the vote, better luck next year John Sheally's hair! Maria will be the second Madam President in the club's history

Autocross VPs - Brice Johnson, Rob Lupella & Mike Miller

Rallycross VPs - Roger McDaniels & Charles Lankford

Track VPs - Derek Delong & Stephen Westerfield

Club Treasurer - Bowie Gray

Assistant Treasurer - Mary Johnson

Sergeant at Arms - Rodney Wright

Members at Large - Elizabeth Chan & Art McDonald


Club Secretary - Steven Spampinato

Autocross & Membership Registrars - Mary Johnson & Francis Chan

Autocross Chiefs of Timing & Scoring - Carlton Whitehead & Francis Chan

Autocross Worker Coordinators - Elizabeth Chan & Denise Craig

Autocross Novice Coordinators - George Paraskevas & Rob Keehner

Autocross Chiefs of Tech - Chad Culbertson & Mark Beech

Appointed Positions

Business Development Mgr - Andrew Pallotta

Communications Director - Francis Chan

Keepers of the bus/van - Roger McDaniel & Ricky Beam

Autocross Site Coordinators - Brice Johnson & Andrew Pallotta

Forum Administrators - Francis Chan, Roger McDaniels & Les Davis

Website Administrators - Zach Hill & Francis Chan