2021 Club Officers & staff

President Brice Johnson president@thscc.com
Autocross VPs Rob Lupella, Mark Beech, Chad Culbertson, Andrew Aul autocross@thscc.com

Rally/Rallycross VP Roger McDaniels, Charlie Guthrie rally@thscc.com
Track (HPDE) School VPs Echo Idalski, Adam Rhyne, Bart Craig track@thscc.com
Treasurer Mary Johnson treasurer@thscc.com
Autocross Site Coordinators Brice Johnson sites@thscc.com
Business Development Manager Andrew Aul sponsorships@thscc.com
Club Secretary Denise Craig secretary@thscc.com
Communications Director Anthony Sevigny communications@thscc.com
Keepers of the bus Roger McDaniels, Ricky Beam bus@thscc.com
Members at Large Art McDonald, Elizabeth Chan, Mike Miller atlarge@thscc.com
Sergent at Arms Rodney Wright, Pete Guthrie  
Autocross Chief of Timing and Scoring Carlton Whitehead, Josh Fowler axscoring@thscc.com
Autocross & Membership Registrars Echo Idalski, Francis Chan registrar@thscc.com
Autocross Worker Coordinator John Joyner, Anthony Sevigny axworkers@thscc.com
Autocross Novice Coordinators George Paraskevas, Rob Keehner, Bart Craig axnovices@thscc.com
Autocross Chief of Tech Tommy Gabele axtech@thscc.com
Photographer Brian Reilly  
Road Rally Coordinators Greg Fountaine, Ira Richman  
Mass Communications
Forum Administrators Anthony Sevigny forums@thscc.com
Website Administrators Anthony Sevigny webmaster@thscc.com