Permanent Numbers for THSCC Members

Having a "permanent number" allows you to select and retain a specific car class and number for the entire year. Along with the car class/number, when registering for a "permanent number", you should also enter all other usual information required to preregister on the web for an event. By doing so, when preregistering on the web for an event, you need only enter your Driver's License state and number, select the appropriate event, and click the Submit Pre-Registration button at the bottom of the page.

Because Permanent Number Registration is based on your Driver's License state and number, you can only register for one "permanent number". If you plan to run other than your registered vehicle at an event, you can still use the simple Driver's License state/number method to preregister on the web for the event, but you will need to enter all information that should be different from what is stored in your own "permanent number" entry (e.g. tire and vehicle information and car class and number).

THSCC offers "permanent numbers" to club members only. If you are currently a member in good standing (i.e. your dues for the current year have been paid), you may register for a Permanent Number. The Permanent Number file will be reviewed each year before the season starts. Anyone who had previous registered for a permanent number, but who is no longer a member in good standing will be removed from the file.