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April 2015

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About the Heel of the Month Award

"The Heel of the Month Award was started in 1993 to honor one or more THSCC members each month for his/her recent outstanding driving or for recognition of some special or notable action recently performed either within the club or outside of the club."

Heel of the Month:

This month we would like to recognize a longstanding member in the club, someone who has been helping out an awful lot behind the scenes lately despite officially retiring from his previous position as Vice President. He is a former vice president, former club president, your Sargent at Arms, and has contributed to the club for many years. He needs no introduction, so please join us in recognizing Charlie Guthrie as our Heel of the Month for April

Don't forget to join us for our monthly Club Meetings on the second Wednesday of every month at Randy's Pizza on Miami Blvd in Durham!

In This Edition

April Update

It's still April, barely! We've been busy preparing for and holding great motorsport events, and we hope you've been enjoying yourself and are having a good year so far.

We need your help! As you know, our club relies on a team of volunteer staff and officers to make the events happen. In addition, the Autocross and Rallycross events typically include an Event Chair position (or two) as well. An Event Chair is a member who steps up to help design the course, help with the setup, and test (yes: test it, by driving) the day before the event. They also receive free entry to the event, don't have a work assignment during the event, and get to design the artwork and theme for our famous magnet dash plaque for the event.

If you are interested in being an event chair for a specific event or would like to learn more, please contact the Vice Presidents of the appropriate program, or Thank you and thanks to all those who have chaired events so far this year!

Lastly, don't forget our monthly club meetings are the second Wednesday of every month at Randy's Pizza on Miami Blvd. Come out and join us for pizza and comradery!

See you at an event soon.

-Zach Hill, President

Kart Enduros

We held our first Kart Enduro of the year, a 2 hour race at the VIR Kart Track during our HPDE weekend in April. It was well attended, although with one cancellation and no walk-ups we only had 11 teams. The competition was fierce, however, especially with our newly implemented weight classing system.

The Heavy and Light classes are no longer split on a static weight threshold. Instead, all teams weigh in and then are sorted, the top half assigned as Heavy class and the bottom half assigned as Light class. Interestingly, the cutoff weight at this event happened to be right at 191.5 lbs; a team at 191 lbs was classified as Light class, and 192 lbs was classified as Heavy class.

The racing was close throughout the race, with the lead changing several times in both classes. The real nail-biter was in the last few minutes of the 120 minute race, when team Shut Your Pie Hole & Drive was leading the race and team Lexus Took Our Money only a few seconds behind and closing fast. With 4 minutes to go, they completed the pass for the lead, and maintained the position until the end, giving the overall and Light class win by a margin of only 2.151 seconds. And in the 3rd trophy position in Light class was Grim Reaper Racing #1 who snagged the fastest lap of the race, an impressive 46.172. Great racing!

The results were as follows:

Overall Class Team
1st 1st Light Lexus Took Our Money
2nd 2nd Light Shut Your Pie Hole & Drive
3rd 3rd Light Grim Reaper Racing #1 (FTD 46.172)
4th 1st Heavy Squealin Bitches
5th 2nd Heavy 2 Fast, 1 Furious
6th 3rd Heavy Camar-bros

Thanks to all those who competed in this event and congratulations to all the trophy winners!

There are still slots left in the September 2H Kart Enduro so be sure to sign up early to ensure your spot!

Track Report

F&S Enterprises has uploaded the pictures from our April VIR-N HPDE.  Visit to see your pics!

Registration is open for the HPDE event at Carolina Motorsports Park on June 6-7. If you've never been to CMP before, it is a beautiful track set in the countryside, and houses a fun, technical track that is as challenging as it is fun to drive. Head over to the official event page and sign up now. We hope to see you there!

-THSCC Track Staff

Autocross Report

March was another exciting month for the THSCC autocross program. Another awesome weekend up in Danville, this time for our novice school and points event #2. All week long the weather report looked menacing, but everything cleared up in time for a sunny but cold novice school. Around 40 drivers got some excellent instruction and about 10 runs on a timed course as well as many more on an untimed training course. Instructor to student ratio was excellent (THANKS INSTRUCTORS!), and the event was wrapped up at a very reasonable hour. Most people were done in time to get home for dinner.

Points event #2 featured a course that started on the runway and ended on the taxiway, finishing up with a tricky decreasing radius sweeper turn that caught people who didn't look ahead. The course was flowing, fast (3rd gear for some in places) with fastest times in the mid 40's. David Spratte took fastest PAX time in his G-street Focus, and held fastest raw time as well until the fomridable 3rd run group came up. Derek DeLong became the first to overcome the "grocery getter", as David continued to joke about how he didn't even break any eggs or spill any milk on his runs. While he thought he had FTD in hand, Carlton Whitehead went out and blistered the course with a low 45 second time to take the win in STR. He was even able to take a victory lap for his last run, as nobody else was able to catch up. Keith Quistorff showed up in a new (to him) car, and took the win in A-Street by a good margin. Brice Johnson edged out Michael Miller in C-Street by a mere .012 seconds in one or our best attended classes so far this year. Less than 1 second seperated the top 6 places in class there.

E-street was dominated by the MR2 spyder, with Jennifer Bedell returning to her roots and taking the class win over Chris Peterson. Chuck Branscomb returned to action in his 2011 M3 to dominate F-street. STU was the "spec-Regina" class (Regina is Jennifer Vance's name for her M3), with Zach Williams beating our club President for the class win.

Novice class was VERY well attended, with 17 entries. The win went to Jeanne Ferneyhough, with Austin Culbertson close behind. Thanks to our event chairs Zach Williams and Rob Lupella as well as all officers and staff for putting on another great event that even saw time for fun runs afterwards.

Looking toward to May, we have the world famous THSCC Autocross Chick School followed by Points Event #4 on May 16th and 17th! If you are a lady or know any ladies who may be interested in checking out autocross for the first time, or maybe who have tried it and want to get faster, this is a great opportunity for great seat time and excellent instruction. Among the all women instructors will be several SCCA National Champions, so this is an event not to miss. For all the info and to sign up, head over the MotorsportReg Chick School page.

For the guys, there's always the VIR Kart Track just up the road from Danville Airport at VIR if you're looking for some motorsports action while the ladies are autocrossing. And on Sunday, all are welcome for Points Event #4. Sign up and make a weekend of it! We hope to see you there.

-THSCC Autocross Staff

Rallycross Report

Non-regular THSCC drivers dominated April’s rallycross at VIR. We had 32 drivers compete with some folks coming all the way from the Charlotte and DC areas. Subarus dominated all-wheel drive categories with a BMW 325i, a Sentra, a Miata and a Mini Cooper S winning their respective classes. Adam Kimmett driving a Subaru Impreza RS in NO4 turned in the top aggregate time of the day.

We ran two different courses. Both were quite challenging, starting open then closing into multiple hairpins toward the end. Charlie and Pete Guthrie did a great job grooming the courses over multiple days before the event.

F & S Enterprises was onsite to photograph our afternoon sessions.   Click here to view photos. The Vintage Drivers Club of America was on track for the weekend so driving through the paddock during lunch was a treat for British car enthusiasts.

Charles Lankford in his Subaru, photo courtesy of Brian Haun

Class winning BMW, photo courtesy of Brian Haun

Shawn Roberts winning NU2 in his Miata,  photo courtesy of Brian Haun

Steve Barnatt getting coaching from Charlie Guthrie in his class winning Mini, photo courtesy of Brian Haun

-THSCC Rallycross