We all had a great time this weekend at THSCC's Points Event #6 at NCCAR. The weather was sunny and a little hot. We had around 130 entrants of which 45 were Novices. I would like to thank our Novice Coordinators George Paraskevas and Tom Middleton as well as all the Tarheeler's who hustled to make this a great experience for the Novices. The results are up on THSCC.com. Course designers Alex Cao and Jordan Best made sure that we had an exciting, fast, and long course. Typical run times ranged from 60 to 70 seconds. FTD was captured by Colling Walther in an FSAE with a time of 53.980. The fastest time in a real car was pulled off by course designer Jordan Best in a 2013 BRZ with a time of 59.120. Our blazing fast Novice was John Joyner in a BMW 335i with a time of 62.368. Thank goodness that he's not in CS. Our most impressive vehicle was Paul Newton's 1977 Jaguar XJC harnessing 450 super charged HP in 4 liters. Not only was it fast, but it had amazing grip. The fastest class was SM with 80% of the class running in the 59's. Kudos to Maria Mayorga who sewed up CS as well as FT Street with a time of 61.133. The battle for STR dominance continued between Bart Craig and Carlton Whitehead with Bart coming up on top with a time of 61.380. 


Participants got to enjoy 5 long runs making this a long day, but hopefully a fun day. Our club has never had so many competitors at NCCAR and we struggled a bit. THSCC will be back at NCCAR for AutoX Event #8 on September 20th. The officers and staff have reviewed the event and are putting into place plans to improve our next NCCAR event. THSCC is also hosting AutoX #7 at Virginia Motor Sports Park in N. Dinwiddie, VA on August 20th. Thank you all for coming. We look forward to seeing you at these events in the future. 


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